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Morgan Greene published the first DS Jamie Johansson novel in July 2020. What began in the heart of London quickly sprawled into Scandinavia, and with the launch of Angel Maker in January 2021, the DI Jamie Johansson series was born. Since its launch, Angel Maker has sold more than 100,000 copies and has remained an Amazon Bestseller for more than a year.

Check out the full series, or click on any of the books below to visit the Amazon pages.


Standalone Thriller

Ten years ago, three friends killed their classmate and left town, vowing never to return. Now, they're all back in Savage Ridge to answer for their crimes.


Jamie Johansson Files 1

Jamie is finding normality in Stockholm when a strange call from her mother draws her back to the UK to face off against a brutal trafficking ring operating in South Wales.


Jamie Johansson Files 4

A devious killer is targeting women that look just like Jamie, and is recreating her old cases in the process. Someone's targeting Jamie, and the killer could be closer than she thinks ...

Rising Tide.png

DI Jamie Johansson 2

Jamie and her new partner are dispatched to a remote oil rig in the Norwegian Sea to apprehend a killer before he strikes again. Can they succeed before the bodies pile up?


DI Jamie Johansson 5

What begins as a simple favour for an old friend quickly spirals into something much darker. A simple missing persons case is anything except what it seems in this town.

Bare Skin.png

DS Jamie Johansson 1 (Prequel)

A homeless boy washes up in a London river and DS Jamie Johansson is handed her first big case. A cut and dry drowning? Or are there more dangerous forces at play?


Standalone Thriller

All Lucas Caldwell wants to do is make sure his little brother is provided for. But just how far will he go to do that? Lucas has nothing to lose, but everything to gain ...


Jamie Johansson Files 2

Still reeling from her last case, Jamie and her new ward are marked for death by a mysterious and elusive contract killer. Can they find him before he finds them?


Jamie Johansson Files 4

Jamie's not sure who to trust. And with a brutal winter closing in on the mountains she calls home, she'll be meeting the killer she's been chasing on familiar, frozen ground ...

Old Blood.png

DI Jamie Johansson 3

Jamie is forced to abandon her badge to finish the investigation her father started two decades earlier. But with everyone out to stop her, who can she really trust?


DI Jamie Johansson 6

Jamie takes it upon herself to track down the people behind a string of killings and kidnappings. But with no backup, has she bitten off more than she can chew this time?

Fresh Meat.png

DS Jamie Johansson 2 (Prequel)

Still reeling from her first murder case, Jamie takes on the investigation of a pregnant Jane Doe, and quickly finds herself mixed up in the brutal under world of human trafficking.


Standalone Thriller

Andrea Grierson is called to the OV Coffee Plantation in Bolivia to carry out an investigation. But the owner has no intention of failing, or of ever letting her leave ...


Jamie Johansson Files 3

Jamie thought she'd dispensed with her enemies for good. But key witnesses to their investigation are dropping like flies. Who is really pulling the strings?

Angel Maker.png

DI Jamie Johansson 1

Detective Inspector Jamie Johansson is called back to the frozen streets of her home city of Stockholm to track down the notorious serial killer her father never caught.


DI Jamie Johansson 4

Jamie seeks a fresh start in a new town, but are things are quiet as they seem? When the body of a teenager turns up, a local ghost story start to swirl. The King of Crows is back.


DI Jamie Johansson 7

Jamie and Thorsen are called back from their early retirement to tackle a string of mysterious suicides on the island of Gotland. What they discover is darker than they could imagine.

Idle Hands.png

DS Jamie Johansson 3 (Prequel)

A concert violinist is killed in a vicious public attack, and Jamie must exhume the buried secrets of the elitist world of music if she wants to find the killer before he strikes again.

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